The project consist in the construction of a small building to support the visitor needs at the lower part of Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park, in the town of Urbisaglia.

It is a discrete, regular building, with two distinct parts; the internal one, highlighted by the cortèn sheet metal lining, hosts the toilets facilities for visitors to the park; the exterior one instead, slightly lowered and lined with perforated metal sheet, is an open room for bike-sharing storage, with an essential equipment designed for fast repair. The functions of the external part of the building are placed in order to satisfy the means of those who use cycling paths which the Archaeological Park is part.

The project lean on the contrast between the different levels of observation proposed to the visitor: the contemporary of the new architecture and the Roman amphitheater in the background, but also the very contemporary materiality of the metal lining compared to the monumentality of the masonry, or again the strongly linear and rational forms opposed to the roundness of archaeological preesistence.

The project is currently in progress; external paths are still to be completed.

The building in fact is part of a larger and ongoing development, which involves the construction of a new parking lot integrated into the park’s greenery system, and the realization of external paving paths that link the new service building to the existing tourist routes in the Archaeological Park.

Location: Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park
Project Team: Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini, Gianluca Renzi, Nazareno Sagretti
Completion: 2015 – in fase di completamento