The keywords of the project are: organization, comfort, style and emotion.

The lounge, located in the EAU, is dedicated to first and business class passengers; the user’s need imposes a space that combines functionality and a high level of quality. A further condition is the need to build a space where international travelers that come from different cultures and traditions can relate.

The project therefore focuses on the needs of travelers, creating a space that can accommodate them without stress, and stimulating at the same time a sense of security and hospitality.

The design of the space is inspired by Gulf geography: the shape of the coast with numerous islands and archipelagos, becomes the project-generator. The lounge then is formed by an “archipelago of services”, a series of open / closed, public / private, transparent / opaque spatial islands that change according to their function.

Space between the islands, the in-between space, is the location of paths and people distribution. There the traveler moves along the functional islands, also guided by the different paving materials.

The functional program is rich: besides the obvious spaces for rest and eat, there are business dedicated space, reading and sleeping areas, children rooms, and finally a SPA. In addition to the interional space (about 2000 square meters), there is also an outdoor terrace, with direct views of the take-off and landing trucks.

Interior furnishing and materials palette, combine the local culture with Italian craftsmanship both in color tones and surface treatment.

Location:  Emirati Arabi
Project team: Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini, Federico Pisani, Monica Tasso, Federico Lancioni
3d Animation and graphics: Giorgia Clerico
Completion: 2017 (project)