We are in Macerata, Marche region.

Space and light were the two keys of the project. The main space of the house consists of a spacious open plan room, well-lighted by a large window door and some skylights in the ceiling. The feeling of brightness is highlighted by the white color of walls painting and furnishing.

The perception of refinement and hospitality is enhanced thanks to the natural oak parquet, which gives a precious touch of warmth and color. In this unique space there are three different areas: a small entrance whith a wardrobe hidden by a painted canvas hidden door, a lounge area and a kitchen and dining room.

The living room is characterized by the use of wood both for paving and wall covering; at the center of this surface element a white backboard plasterboard structure accommodates a cabinet, a TV and a projection screen. On the right of this panel, a camouflaged access door lead to service spaces.

The stair takes on a prominent role in the furnishings. This element, seems to be emerge from the floor, being a single block with parquet. Then, the upper part is completely different, with a ostructure made of masonry and painted in white. Finally, crystal parapets complete the composition.

The kitchen is the kingdom of white. Minimal in style and entirely built to measure, it is made up of geometric blocks, which are well suited to the shape of the skylights that overlook them. The walls here have been painted with anthracite gray, an ever-present combination of elegance and sophistication.

The care in the details is found also in the bathroom realization. The hand-crafted washbasin cabinet features clean lines and sharp materials. The shower room features a stone wall, while a crystal panel protects privacy while giving light to the room. A refined yet extremely functional solution as the only source of natural light lies beyond the panel itself.


Location:  Macerata
Project team: Federico Pisani
Completion: 2013