The project, realized in several excerpts over a number of years and still evolving, has led to the recovery and re-nationalization of a formerly centralized and depot depot, Enel, which was recently dismantled and desdemarised.

The Norcineria “The Central of the Taste” is therefore located in a former mixed, industrial and productive building.

The project foresees the refusal of the existing building and its consequent architectural transformation: this has led to a building structure that, while retaining the character of the original structure, is optimized for the new destination.

The placement of the project area, at the doorstep of the Fiastra Abbadia Nature Reserve, required a conservative approach to the existing building. The recognizable character of the structure, along with its strategic position, has shifted the scope of the restructuring to the reworking of the interior spaces and the external accommodation of the building.

The premises of the plant now house a point of sale, a kitchen that prepares the fast meals served in the structure, the nursing workshop for raw material processing, and finally some tasting places.

The elements that make the new destination of the building more recognizable, however, are those related to the regeneration of external spaces. First, a new set-up of access and carriage areas was necessary. The location of the structure, located along a very crowded street like the SP 78, made the creation of a new access, much more recognizable and appropriate in dimensional terms.

Secondly, it was necessary to create new external spaces, covered and usable by the laying of dry flooring, which could accommodate the Norcineria users, which are very large. To do this, an area of ​​approximately 200 square meters was circumscribed, the surface of which was paved with a dry stone finish system and delimited by brick-faced elements; part of the outer space was also covered through the construction of wooden structures.

The new roofing, the natural continuation of the building in the direction of the parking space, represents the expansion of Norcineria level 0 outward. The orientation and shape of the structures support the dynamism of the carriage axis facing them; a limited number of supports to support the shell itself, allows you to keep the area free of zero to maximize the use of space by the grocery store.

The restraint of the supports, together with the adoption of constructive systems and dry paving, must be read in the light of the minimization of the impact of the new construction on an area located at the entrance of the Natural Reserve of the Abbadia of Fiastra.

The project is still evolving, with the next conversion of the second level of the original building.

Location: Urbisaglia
Progettazione: Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini
Progettazione strutturale: Federico Veroli
Completamento: 2014-2017