The project consist in the structural securing of the imposing Mastio (the main Tower) of Urbisaglia’s “Rocca”. The need for intervention comes from the strong earthquakes of August and October 2016.

As a result of the deterioration of the seismic crysis in Central Italy, the Mastio have reported serious damages that have affected the ability of the superior battlements to support themselves, becoming a risk to public safety.

The intervention, due to the emergency of the situation, has imposed rapidity of design and speed of execution. To meet these requirements, the design referred to “STOP worksheets” provided by the National Fire Department; those refer to a a manual of good practices for the structural seuring management of existing buildings.

The desing is aware of the quality of the artefact and and the same time of the importance of the castle to the identity of the village: because of that, the intervention doesn’t demolish or remove the marlons, as initially hypothesized, providing a temporary structure to support the brick walls.

The safe-laying work is represented by a system of wooden slats and crossbars, bound to the structure with the help ofsteel bars and cables. The special shape of the Mastio, slightly tapered on the down side, impose the use of various wooden spikes at the bottom of the temporary structure, in order to properly tighten the wooden and steel cage to the masonry structure.

The structural elements, each for their own task, contribute to the stability of the whole system while at the same time the image of this community symbol is preserved.

Location: Urbisaglia
Project team: Michele Bonfigli
Completion: 2016-2017