The project is a renovation with extension of a small farmhouse located on the hills of Pollenza, Marche.

The pre-existing farmhouse clearly showed two distinct souls: on one hand the original nucleus, which with its peculiarities surely deserved to be recovered, and on the other hand, the additions attached to it over time messing the original integrity; those instead need to be demolished.

The project therefore as a logical consequence of this analysis consider the demolition of inchoerent parts, and their replacement with a new contemporary architectural addition. The new organism is organized to rdynamically eveal its new conformation. By approaching the building from the main access road, the visitor finds the original nucleus, which exposes its main front to the public part of the plot. Moving on the inside of the property, the visitor can see the new addition, located behind the original nucleus; the newest portion remind form and volume of the original that is doubled and mirrored.

The new composition, looking at the short side, reveals two different souls in the material and details used; however, it contribute harmoniously to the formation of a new organism. The two main volumes hook up functional and service facilities (the stone kitchen on the north side, the outer porch on the west side).

The two parts of the new building composition are connected by a fully glazed staircase; this transparent volume js inserted in a game of full masses, almost disappearing. The two storey original house hosts at the ground floor the living area and in the first floor the bedrooms.

The project is completed with a small cabin, close to the main building, that retrieves a small agricultural wharehouse, and with a pool located at the most private point of the plot.

Location: Pollenza
Project Team: Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini
Completion: 2014 (project)