The projects it the result of the cohoperation between three architecture offices (C+C, OFIS, C28) and a structural consultant.

The concept is for a flexible and adaptable module that can be combined in different configurations, to create holiday homes, tree houses, research cabins, micro spaces for culture, or simple shelters.

The basic unit measures 2.5 metres wide, 4.5 metres long and 2.7 metres high. Dimensions are reduced for easy transportation, both on trains and trucks.

Living Module is designed to work as a single cell, with enough room inside for a bed, kitchen and bathroom. If needed, modules can be stacked vertically – as shown by the prototype – or horizontally to suit a variety of environments and weather conditions. The peculiar shape is studied to allow an easy composition of multiple modules, but also to enhance internal space perception: walls geometry guide the view to the generous glass opening to the landascape.

The structure is a wooden frame, reinforced by plywood boards on both sides. Modules can be fixed directly to the ground through steel anchoring or concrete removable cubes. The design promote wood as natural and sustainable material; wood is also the interior standard finishing, although the user can customize it in a variety of claddings and materials depending on its use. Also the facade can be changeable and flexible, so the unit in its material and finishing can be used in various site contexts.

The prototype was exhibited in Milan, at the Inhabits event in Parco Sempione during 2017 Fuorisalone.

Location: Milano, Inhabits at Parco Sempione
Architects in charge: OFIS, C+C, C28
Project team: OFIS – Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Tomaz Cirkvencic, Janez Martincic, Andrej Gregoric, Sara Carciotti, Jose Navarrete Jimenez, Lucas Blasco Sendon; C+C – Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini; C28 – Francesco Sforza, Federico Pasqualini, Antonello Michelangelo
Structural Consultant: AKT II, Hanif Kara, Carlo Diaco, Milan Sorc
Interior realization: Fotonica Light, Componendo, Cristina_rubinetterie
Builder: Bostjan Perme, Permiz d.o.o
3d Animation and graphics: The Black Lab, Sonicmeal, Klimake
Completion: 2017