The EF project is an apartment interior renovation; the living unit comes from the redistribution of a country house in the middle of the Potenza River valley at the slopes of Monte Lupone (MC).

The apartment consists of a first floor of 115 sqm and a 30 sqm attic. The entrance drives directly to a large living room, adjacent to the kitchen; the two rooms communicate through a wide opening of the pre-existing masonry carrier and through a two-faced fireplace.

The kitchen is embellished with a top in white corian glacier taken up in the adjacent “peninsula”; this element welcomes the cooking area and a lowered snack spot.

The private area of the apartment consists in a bathroom, a double bedroom, a closet and a single bedroom. The study of materials finds its essence in the main bath where cleverly coupled natural materials such as ceramic and wood are combined in custom-made furniture components.

The double bedroom is made unique by the particular cabinet, bordered by a single drawer that also serves as the headboard of the bed; this room has no locks and access doors to facilitate the fluidity of the spaces and to enjoy the light of a large window placed along the connection paths.

The attic, which is accessed through an elegant staircase with painted steel structure transparent glass railing, features a second bathroom and a study area.

Overall the apartment is a gem of modern and minimalist style embedded in a restored rural cottage.

Location: Montelupone
Project Team: Federico Pisani
Completion: 2010