The project is a low budget renovation of a small apartment in San Severino Marche.

The intervention focuses on a complete re-thinking of the service spaces: kitchen and bathroom, limiting instead to small insertions and details renovation on the rest of the home.

The kitchen recalls the gray tones of the living area even in the finishes of the technical elements that compose it. The existing space is dilated by the demolition of a partition wall that previously separated kitchen and dining area; the new room obtained is completed with the arrangement of a pre-existing fireplace: his look is now essential by the completely new total white coating. The furnishing is realized with solido wood elements, carefully restored by a local craftsman.

The bathroom instead, designed in contrast to the gray tones of the living area, rely on chromatic contrasts thanks to wood-effect coatings and indigo-colored wall paintings. The technical component, excluding the washbasin, was tailor-made for this project.

Design and realization in this case are an example of a “contract” approach, which allowed us to integrate the entire creative and realization process in a unique workflow.

Location: San Severino Marche
Project Team: Claudio Tombolini, Cristiana Antonini
Completion: 2017